The process printing on ceramic provides simple procedures contained in this article.

All the steps are analyzed in details during the course that Ceramic Butterfly offers at its own affiliates, included in the franchise package. After the course our technicians provide a constant and complete support that protects all the affiliates during the work of the printing photo on ceramic.

Phase 1 of the digital ceramic print process: graphic elaboration of the image

imac-150x150The requests that your clients will ask must be elaborated through a professional graphic software like Adobe Photoshop. Your customers can send you the images in a digital format by email, USB pen or in another digital support.

scanner-150x150The images in paper format will be instead acquired on the computer through a digital scanner.

Ceramic Butterfly provides at its own affiliates all the equipment needed, the skills and support to develop in freedom and professional the work of digital printing ceramic.

Phase 2 of the digital ceramic print process: the print

ricoh1-150x150The elaborated images are printed using a ceramic printer which is modified by Ceramic Butterfly.
This printer uses special colour pigments that give a maxium quality and resistence to your works.

ricoh2-150x150The press is made on particular paper (decalo paper) which will give you the possibility to apply the image on ceramic supports selected for the photoceramic work requested by your clients.

The material needed is available on our shop online of photoceramic.

Phase 3 of the digital ceramic print process: lacquer of the sheets

The particular decalco sheets printed with the ceramic printer, obtained in the phase before, will now be treated through the application of ceramic lacquer.

Following are listed three methods for the lacquer sheets, each one with its own advantages. The details for each of these methods will be discussed and faced at the practical level during the course riserved for our affiliates, included in the Ceramic Butterfly package.

1. The first lacquer method for the decalco comes through the use of ceramic liquid lacquer, applied on the press with a simple screen frame.

bombolette-150x1502. The second lacquer method for the decalco comes through the use of ceramic lacquer spray, applied on the press with a simple screen frame.

plastificatore-150x1503. The third lacquer method for the decalco comes through the use of the special Ceramic Butterfly plasticator, modified for the use of lacquer paper: this tool applicates the photoceramic lacquer consistenly on the prints and doesn’t necessary need the next work phase (dry).

Phase 4 of the digital ceramic print process: drying of the lacquer sheets

essiccatore-150x150Once lacquered, the photoceramic prints must be dried before being applied on the ceramic object selected.

To speed the dry process is used a fan closet “drier” where it is possible to put more than one lacquered sheet at the same time and dry them quickly.

The dry phase is not necessary if you use the lacquer through the special plasticator by Ceramic Butterfly.

Phase 5 of the digital ceramic print process: application

Once that the lacquered sheets are dried, the photoceramic print is ready to be applied on the object we want. It’s important to underline that the application can also be applied on porcellain,enamel metal or glass.

vaschetta-150x150The sheet with the ceramic print comes cut based on the object where it will be applied and subsequently immersed in a basin with water.

gommine-150x150After a minute the image will come apart from the sheet making possible the application on the object, using particular rubbers that simplify the process.

Phase 6 of the digital ceramic print process: drying of the object

essiccatore-150x150Once applied the print on the object, the object must be dried before the firing in the kiln.

To speed up the this process you use again the drier where it’s possible to put together more objects to dry them quickly.

Phase 7 of the digital ceramic print process: firing the object

forno-250x300The object where the image has been applied is put in a professional kiln for the firing process.

The firing fixes the image on the object, making it an integral part of the object’s enamel.

casella10x10-300x250In the kiln can be inserted at the same time many objects to secure a large number of ceramics prints with one firing.

The products we obtained are now decorated with a photo quality garanteed in time for more than 20 years.


Ceramic Butterfly provides at the affiliates everything that is necessary to start with it’s own digital ceramic print workshop, from the facilities to its skills to professionally do the work of photoceramics.

All the procedures will be deepen theorectical and practical during the course included in the franchise package, the technicians will also be available for any support needed to work with serenity in this creative profession.

Ceramic Butterfly manages the biggest Italian shop online of photoceramic, available 24/48 hrs, with all the supplies and facilites needed for the working process.

We regularly organize free demostrations that permits you to see and touch our offer. Book a seat by calling +39-0586-866015, by email at the following address, or by using the available form at this link.

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