Ceramic print

Ceramic Butterfly offers a professional ceramic print service on a very high quantity of ceramic and porcelain products, for privates and professionist of the sector. Visit our shop online at the following address shop.ceramicbutterfly.it and find out on how many objects it is possible to apply the ceramic print, making them unique and resistant at time and weather conditions.

Funerary ceramic print


On our catalog online you’ll find the widest Italian chose of funerary items, professionals and of refined quality. Selected among dozens types of plaques,ceramic,crystal or glass, designed for the process application of ceramic print. From typical oval plaques, rectangular, round and squared, till the heart shaped ones, round dome and dome tip.

Also available different types of plates in ceramic, parchments, books, urns and small urns.

Ceramic print households


Your photograph is applied on the objects through special digital photoceramic technologies, and after a high firing level the image becomes an integral part of the object’s enamel. This process makes it possible to customize and make unique with ceramic printing even the most common products for the house like, plates, mugs, cups and trays. Visit the shop online of Ceramic Butterfly to find new original ideas related to products to offer to your clients, or if you are a private you can make more original the furnish of your home by chosing among our personalized products.

Ceramic print: products and equipment for professionists


Are you a professionist in the photoceramic sector? Our catalog provides all the equipment and raw materials used in the photoceramic process, all of high a quality and tested on the field. You’ll find new ideas to increase your business and there are always updated offers to save on our products.

Our staff is at your disposal to give you all the support on purchased products and offer specific advice to increase and make thinner the work of your workshop.