Photoceramic online

Ceramic Butterfly puts at your disposal professionists of this sector the most important reference point of online photoceramic in Italy.

Photoceramic online: more than a thousand customizable items


The wide catalog of our shop online makes available to all users more than one thousand of customizable products, in porcelain, ceramic, glass and crystal. Each product is a very high quality, thought and concieved for professional use in the digital ceramic printing.

Objects available in our photoceramic shop online


Ceramic Butterfly’s catalog is costantly growing and it offers steadily new ideas to make unique the online photoceramic and the possibilities it offers to customize, ready to be purchased online:

  • Unique wedding favors in porcelain and ceramic: ideas for the most important moments in life, to give to others together to a good memory of the event.
  • Kitchen and table objects: make unique with the online photoceramic your mug, coffee cups, dishes, trays, tins… more than a hundred products dedicated to make unique the kitchen and table, or to offer a professional online service for restaurants, hotels, and all the activities that need products in ceramic and porcelain with its own company logo or a creative graphic.
  • Online photoceramic of plaques and street numbers: for families that want to show their original street number , their family crest, family composition, but also to offer various professional plaques for cityhalls that care about the images of their historical town and tourist areas.
  • Funiture complements: Ceramic Butterfly offers online photoceramic services for porcelain,vases,trays,unique decorated plates and much more.
  • Bathroom Accessories: ceramic soap dispenser, toothbrush holder, glasses, comb holder and toilet brush holder can become objects to design for the bathroom with the online photoceramic.
  • Ceramic tiles: online photoceramic make unique kitchen and bathroom tiles thanks to the possibility to create a creative custom tile mosaic: it is also possible to offer to city halls fountains, pavments or any mosaic realization for the streeets.

Many creative possibilities with photoceramic online


Visit our photoceramic shop online to find out the prices and to buy fast:
you can make unique photoceramic clocks, pillbox, keyrings, magnets, pins and pendants.

Furthermore are available hundreds of products for the online photoceramic of funerary and sacred art, besides all the equipment and raw materials for professionists of this sector and of the digital ceramic.