Ceramic Butterfly provides you all the tools and skills necessary for an efficient creational profession in the ceramic digital business: a business with entrepreneurial and legal freedom, which also allows you to insert yourself in an already existing activity.

It is an easy and rich job of sadisfactions, that deals mainly with the reproduction of any picture or image on ceramic supports, porcellain, glass and metal enamel through the techniques of the digital photoceramics.

For the digital photoceramic press are available all the technologies needed, modified and refined by Ceramic Butterfly. In this way it’s possible to reproduce any picture on ceramic supports, porcellain, glass and metal enamel with a high quality image┬áthat lasts for more than 20 years.

The photoceramic proceedings is summed up in small easy steps:

  • a special paper used for the digital press of the chosen image
  • application on the press of a film of liquid glass
  • once the press is dryed it’s put on the object where you want it transfered
  • the dryed object is fired inside a professional kiln which is able to reach the correct tempertures for the chosen object

Ceramic Butterfly offers in its franchising all the notions needed in order to work in serenity and effectively on the digital ceramic: our technical experts will follow you through all the path. There are also courses for the use of (Photoshop). The duration of the courses are at least 5 days and can be extended without any additional cost until you can use all the process of the digital photoceramic.