Ceramic Butterfly is an Italian leader company in the digital photoceramic. It offers the biggest shop online of photoceramic and it is the best support for who is interesting in opening a workshop in this sector.

Shop online Photoceramic


More than a thousand products in the catalog, all purchased online, our ecommerce is a reference point for professionals of the ceramic print. All products are normally available in 24/48 hrs from purchase.

Hundreds of objects in ceramic and in porcellain ready to be personalized through the digital photoceramic process. Ready to become unique objects for the house, or long lasting memories resistant at weather climates in the sacred art field and funerary art.

There are also raw materials available which are essential for photoceramic professionists, like ceramic lacquer, ceramic toner, decalco paper, solvents, adhesives spray and developer. All the products can also be available in a convenient saving format .

Our shop online completes with useful equipment to maximize the quality the production and the income in this sector. Printers for ceramic, kilns for ceramic, dryers, professional work benches, refractuary material,screen printings, screen printing sqeegees, supports for screen printings and rubbers for decalco. Visit the shop so you can find out how to make your labortory better.

Ceramic Butterfly franchise


We offer different types of turnkey packages for the opening of your own workshop in this sector. We take care of all the steps, from the design to the technical support, in order to protect our affliates in this professional path. Our franchise does not provide royalties, it offers a wide margin of earning.

Free digital photoceramic demo’s


At our offices in Livorno are organizzied free demostrations, in which the technicians show in a day all the passages and how the work is done on ceramic, analizzing all the equipment used. Furthermore you’ll have details for the opening and opportunities of a workshop. Click here to book your seat, it’s free and without obligation.