Digital ceramic

Ceramic Butterfly offers to its clients the most important catalog online with attractive prices, offered and with the possibility to purchase directly on site.

Digital ceramic: digital printing on ceramic


The processes of digital ceramic permit a stable application, long lasting and faithful colours, of pictures and images on ceramic,porcelain and on enamel glass. The photo selected is elaborated on the computer and printed by using professional printers, modified for the use of ceramic toner. The press is made on a special paper which will be applied on the chosen object, and by firing the image it becomes an integral part of the object.

Equipment for digital ceramic


Ceramic Butterfly puts available through the shop online all the equipment for professional digital ceramic. It’s already a reference point for professionists of this sector, we offer technological advanced devices and all the support needed on the products purchased. Our technicians give support and warranty thanks to decades of experience in the sector and field.

Objects for digital ceramic


Whether you are a private or professionist, on our shop online you’ll find hundreds of objects in ceramic or porcelain organizzed in categories for an easy navigation. All objects have been tested and offer essential characteristics for maximum yield of the final product.

Job opportunity in the digital ceramic sector


Ceramic Butterfly offers a franchise turnkey solution to open a photoceramic workshop. The Job oppurtunity is creative, it doesn’t provide royalties and it garantees the maxium indipendence. For further information click here and discover all the franchise advantages in digital ceramic of Ceramic Butterfly.

We give free useful information and we show all the advantages. Furthermore, you can partecipate without any costs to our free demostrations to see the equipment and try this work process. What simple way to understand this opportunity?