To open a laboratory you only need a local where it is possible to create two environments even by two simple shelving divisions.

In the first environment will be installed a front office to recieve clients and a photo elaboration for the images which will be used in the ceramic process. The second evironment instead will have the function of a creative labortory and of a warehouse.

To begin is enough a surface of 30sqm:

  • 15 sqm for the office and for the exhibition of the products
  • 15 sqm for the printing application on ceramic objects,desiccation, the firing and the warehouse of raw materials

All the measures taken as an example are indicated to begin with a minium investment.

Free demostrations and access


We organize free demostrations that permit you to deepen our offer and realtive details of the laboratory. Book your apppointment by phone at the following number +39-0586-866015, or by email at the following address, or by using the available document at this link.

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