For who is really interested to change their own professional route and give its way to an activity in the digital photoceramic sector, where you can express your own creativity in total independence, this is the best occasion: you will have free and fast details to begin in a correct, safety and serenity way a great franchise opportunity.

Participate free and without obligations at one of our demo and you’ll personally verify the process printing on ceramic. You can also deepen the details about opening a digital ceramic labortory and understand the wide field of applications in this continuous expanding sector.

The technicians of Ceramic Butterfly will be at your complete disposal and will allow you to understand all the instruments used in this job of digital ceramic printing. You will also have the possibility to participate to various photoceramic phases, so you can feel the semplicity that hides befind this creative profession.

How to participate at our free demos?


Book your seat at the following number +39-0586-866015, by email, or by using the form available on this link.

How does it perform the free demostration?


The demos take place at our company in Via G.B. Lulli, 29 Livorno (Italy), from 10 am till 4:30/5pm, with a lunch break between 1 pm till 2:30pm.

The demo is divided in a pratical part and in a theoretical part, showing all the aspects related to the digital ceramic printing process.


  • vision and use of the equipment in the digital photoceramic
  • process og the image that will be applied on the object
  • print image through the use of the special ceramic printer
  • application of ceramic lacquer on the digital print and illustrations of various work methods for this phase
  • application of the ceramic print on the object: during the demo you can also do it youself
  • drying of the object in the drier
  • firing in the ceramic kiln (fast firing)

Lunch break 12;30/1pm till 2/2:30pm back to work


  • will be illustrated many fields of application for the digital photoceramic
  • will be analyzed all the concrete potentialities for this job opportunity
  • features of the local where to install the labortory
  • costs and revenues of the objects
  • costs of the plant

At 5pm end of the work and opening of the ceramic kiln to see the objects that we created during the practical part



The demostration is free and without obligations, and it will permit you to have a pratical and concrete idea of the complete franchise package of Ceramic Butterfly. For further information contact us at +39-0586-866016, by email at, or book-in your demo by using the available modul at this link.

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